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Tecna manufactures a full range of balancers in weights from 0.2 kg To 180 kg, available with cable lengths from 900 mm to 3000 mm. Balancers, also known as load balancers, make working with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic tools, etc. easier and faster.
The operating principle consists of suspending the tool from a cable which, thanks to a spring mechanism, allows the tool to be lowered and raised during the operation. The weight of the tool is offset by the load of the balancer spring.

To choose the right balancer, we need to know the exact weight of the tool to be suspended. Another advantage of using balancers is the significant reduction of accidental damage to the equipment and a significant increase in work safety. Tecna balancers are manufactured in accordance with DIN 15112 and are also available in ATEX versions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Tecna also manufactures balancers with special parameters to meet customer requirements ( special production).


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